Haute Couture Paris A/W 2017/2018

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My latest collection autumn and winter 2017/18, which was presented on the Paris Fashion Week, is called Fairy tale. While creating it, I derived inspiration from the rich Romani culture and freedom, which is inseparably related with it. It is already a tradition that models from different cultures and parts of the world wore it on the catwalk. This year we spiced up the show with two beautiful plus size models and — what is typical for a Romani camp — two lovely little girls.

French, Chinese, Japanese and American journalists bombarded us with questions and wonderful, positive reviews after the show. Only few hours after the show the first reviews in European Elle and Harper’s Bazaar services appeared. Everyone, next to the colours of the collection, emphasised the cultural and age diversity of models. At the backstage we hosted journalists and photojournalists from the American Vogue. The French Marie Claire is preparing an extensive coverage for the paper edition which sums up the haute couture week in Paris. A journalist from American Vogue ordered after the show 4 figures for a photo shoot.


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The biggest advantage of Romani culture is the message of freedom. And I expressed this freedom in a world restricted for stereotype silhouettes of XS size models. The haute couture week in Paris is a time when fashion can be — and even must be — treated as art and colourful spectacle. Vincent McDoom, French best stylist, helped us to style this message.


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In the final, like in a Romani camp, 20 beautiful models and two little girls traditionally brought me to thrill and tears. However, the most valuable element of this collection for me were tens of colourful butterflies, which adorned almost every figure. Amazing bags (all of them were ordered already during the show), embroidered with petite beads and fantastic butterflies, were handmade by the charges of my foundation Black Butterflies and were a result of many months’ art therapy, which I am conducting personally in our House Life in Zielona Góra. The makers of the decorations, which were a sensation on the catwalk, personally watched their works of art sitting in the first row. It was their reward for the wonderful work and artistic development, and most of all, for the difficult many months’ fight with cancer. For some of the charges it was a trip in the meantime between chemotherapies. We always say, which nowadays seems to be a cliché, that clothes don’t make the man. Two years ago, when I was starting the foundation, I decided to prove that my fashion has to carry the deep spiritual beauty in the first place.

I am very happy that I managed to gather such large and wonderful French and international audience again. The only stressing thing for us was lack of seats. And just before the show there was not even enough space to stand. Again, Paris made me a great pleasure by filling the room of Shangri-La hotel.



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